How We Help

We are about

  • Opening up conversations, getting people thinking and taking responsibility for the messages around beauty (and success) that we are creating and passing onto the next generation
  • Creating a new generation of role models with a healthier relationship with ‘beauty’ who recognise that true beauty is about more than how you look
  • Collaborating with other brands who share our message, creating an evolution that helps women and the beauty industry work together to find a way forward that is healthier, more empowering, and appreciates beauty in a healthier way.

We are NOT about:

  • Attacking the beauty industry or media, we believe in collaboration not confrontation.
  • Dictating to people how they should / shouldn’t think or behave. We respect that people have different views, and that’s okay.

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Our Services

1:1 Coaching programme – Your Power Behind the Mask

Behind-The-MaskThis potentially life changing programme is not for the faint hearted! If you are ready and committed to making ground breaking shifts in all areas of your life… Read on…

The mask represents ‘the face’ we put on to the outside world when we’re not sure who we really are. You may have lost your sense of identity or fear that who you think you are might not be ‘good enough’. Outwardly ‘successful’ professional women sometimes feel like a fraud on the inside (the ‘imposter’ syndrome). Not quite sure how they got to where they are (even though consciously they know they worked hard and made sacrifices to get there) they are afraid of being ‘found out’, so they put on a mask to present what they think people want / expect to see. The reality is that this mask hides their true power, suppresses their enjoyment of what they have achieved, and leaves them feeling isolated.  Find out more



1:1 Makeup sessions

Make-Up-Lessons We believe in using makeup to express who you are, not to hide who you are. Before the session begins we like to get to know more about you – what you like, what you don’t like, your lifestyle, how much time you have to fit makeup into your schedule (no point in giving you a half hour routine if you only have 5 minutes to get ready and rush out the door). We also enjoy getting to know more about your personality so that we can help you to express that through your makeup. These sessions are fun and informative, but more importantly they are about you. After the consultation, we offer a step by step makeup lesson on how to create a look – this could be for everyday wear or for a special occasion – or we can look at the latest trends and see how they can be tailored to work for you. PLEASE NOTE THIS SERVICE IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE




Tailored talks are available on request

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  • Tailored workshops are available on request

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Our Values – What We Believe

Have the COURAGE to be different, to stand out, to stand up and make a difference
Be NON-JUDGMENTAL, stay open to understanding others points of view
Go for WIN:WIN outcomes – think CREATIVITY and COLLABORATION
Be PASSIONATE, and have FUN along the way