Here’s what just a few of our customers say
about working with us…

“(The coaching programme) … woke me up & made me aware that I “can” alter or change thoughts / behaviours / patterns if I want. At times I found the process quite hard, but I do not regret any of it, as it opened my eyes & heart to the positive parts of me as well as the parts I want to change…Sindy is a very supportive, understanding and knowledgeable coach … She knew how and when to challenge me … was very professional and maintained her humour and warmth in a way that always made me feel welcome. She was … very encouraging and … good at keeping me on track. Sindy is a fantastic coach and role model! The “whole” process has been a very positive and empowering experience for me…Thank you!”
(RR, Notts)


“I am absolutely amazed by Sindy’s level of professionalism. I have known her for a year and she has completely blown my perceptions of the industry I work in and has supported me through some of the hardest times my business has faced. I hope we have plenty more years of working together. A TRUE ASSET TO ANY BEAUTY BUSINESS:
YM (Business Owner, Notts)


“…Meeting Sindy and talking to her about her make up…and coaching service and seeing how genuine and approachable she is, made me feel completely at ease and totally excited about the prospect of having some make up sessions with her…During the sessions …I was able to discuss my make up routines without feeling disapproved of or judged…The sessions were extremely educational and Sindy was able to give me her professional opinion and expertise throughout. Sindy’s approach was totally relaxed and fun – we giggled a lot, but at the same time her service was totally professional…”
(LB, Chester)


“Sindy is an AMAZING coach and I highly recommend her. You’ll find no-one more skilled, caring and brilliant in helping you resolve the things that are holding you back, so you can progress forward in leaps and bounds. With every problem that I’ve taken to her, she’s somehow managed to get down to the core of the issue and then helped me turn it around completely. I am so deeply grateful to her for her kindness, insight and genius in helping me move forward both professionally and personally.
Prepare to be amazed with yourself and what you can do once you start working with her!”
(MG, Accountant, Notts)


Sindy is an extremely professional, caring and inspiring person to have as a life coach. She always made the sessions feel professional but at the same time personable…I left each session with a renewed focus and realistic targets of what I hoped to achieve before the next session…I am thankful for those sessions which have helped me look differently at my life, now I see potential where I once saw failure.
(LO, Notts)


 “Since my make up session with Sindy I have had the confidence to try new colours and application techniques…Also, after years of getting it wrong and wasting money in my search for ‘the right’ foundation I have been able, with my new found confidence, to shop for a foundation that really works for me. Having genuine empathy and desire to find out what I really wanted to achieve Sindy was a pleasure to work with. Not being tied into a particular brand she was able to offer a completely unbiased view on a range of products. My make up routine has been revolutionised…’
(Deborah, Business Advisor, Nottingham)


Sindy has a unique ability to soothe the frenzy of everyday life and take you to a place of clarity and focus. On a number of occasions I have found myself to be overwhelmed and everything in my life just seemed to be in a jumble. Sindy has an amazing adeptness to take you from that place of jumble, to one where you feel completely in control. I always come away feeling refreshed and reinvigorated to deal with the challenges that life throws at me.
(MB, London)


Sindy’s gentle approach to coaching … allowed me to explore my Inner-self with ease and freedom (and) added a safe environment in which to do this. She is FUN to work with … Thank you for allowing me to explore in a fun and creative way!!!
(BL, Bristol)